Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend Two: Epic Fail.

Thursday night I came home from a nice dinner with my relatives to feel one thing only: utter lethargy.  I was sure I'd be able to crank out a set of leg exercises and push ups, if not a few miles to boot.  But the only thing calling my name was a big fluffy pillow.  "No big deal, if I make it home to NYC early enough on Friday, I'll get a nice early evening jog in followed by me new-favorite-yoga class (6:30PM at NYSC on 62nd and Bway)."  Again, the pillow won out.  Not just for the jog, but for yoga and my whole afternoon/evening.  

The lethargy quickly turned into cold symptoms, which quickly morphed into ugly little flu symptoms and the next thing you knew I was on the road to sweating out a 103 degree fever, hacking up a lung or two, and generally just struggling to breathe and keep my eyes open for extended periods of time.  Once it seemed that the fever was nearly gone, I decided to eat something for the first time in a few days.  You guessed it, that's when the stomach flu symptoms set in.

So...I have but one lousy set of push ups to cross off the list of goals for March since last writing.  Sad, I know, but I didn't have too many other options.  Still, the month's not even half-way over, so I just might be able to still manage this month's goals.  I'm not going to give up just yet!

I guess my pearl of wisdom from this weekend is that: sometimes when you have goals you need to take this season's Biggest Loser motto "No Excuses" and get them done.  Other times, it's more like what happened to a lot of loans during recent economic hardships [nerd alert] - your best bet might just be to amend and extend.

Anxiously awaiting the point when I feel 100% better, or at least energized enough to get out of this apartment and give a work-out a go!  How long do you usually wait before taking exercise back up after illness?

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