Thursday, March 1, 2012

31 Goals for the 31 Days of March + a new Challenge

What better way to kick off a new month of running (or end to my umpteenth week on the road for work) than shoes!!! Heeeeeey, I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right... :)  Well, surprise flowers from the boyfriend was equally nice (even though I like the smell of the shoes better... err...for now anyway....that will probably only last until the first wear.....) 

Oooh, I love you, new shoes!  You even smell better than the flowers!! Mmmm!!!
Now that I've lost my pride challenge to Neil, he's come up with a new challenge for the new month: see who can run the fastest 5 miles in March.  I've entered a fair number of Nike+ challenges - many of which I was well aware I'd never win, but I've always shied away from any of the "Fastest XYZ" challenges.  I know I'm not fast, so why even try.  I'm not sure why it's different than any of the other challenges that I know I won't win, but somehow it just always seemed it.  So - a big thank you to Neil for pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me stretch - after all, isn't that the point of this whole silly exercise?

Along with the theme of new month/new shoes, new month/new about: new month, new goals to set?  Below are my 31 for March: Hold me to it!  

31 Goals for 31 Days of March:

         1.    Beat Neil at fastest 5 mile Nike+ Challenge  Finish the 5 mile Nike+ challenge with Neil with a
                respectable time* 
    2 - 6.   Complete at least 3 runs of 10k distance, at least 2 runs over 10k distance

  7 - 18.   Add strength training exercises [more on these later] 3 days / week (3 * 4 weeks)
 19 - 22.  Attend 4 yoga classes
23. - 30.  Do 10 push ups twice a week (2 * 4 weeks)
         31.  Beat February's fastest mile on the last day of the month

*This is not just to avoid further humiliation after all the smack talking I did last time...I'm fully aware that Neil is faster than me and I'm pretty sure I should be ready for an a$$ whooping.  But...I think a reasonable goal is to make sure I don't get beat by an embarrassing [that I know what goal I should aim for :)]...what margin do you think would be respectable to lose by?

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  1. If you're not first, you're last! Just win baby!