Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thin Thighs Thursday and When the Heck Can I Run Again??

A good way to figure out if your loving parents read your blog or not: post about your 103 degree fever (I can't wait to be 100% over this thing!) and see if you hear from them to make sure you're alright.  It would appear my parents do not, in fact, read my blog.  Now I know why my mom was asking if I'm able to tell who reads my blog...

On to the nemesis of many a woman...the pesky task of obtaining thin thighs.  (Before I lose the boys...this post could alternatively be titled "Strong Legs for Strong Running and When the Heck Can I Run Again?)  After several days with the flu and not having the energy to eat, it's pretty much official: I will never ever have super model thighs.  That's okay.  I mean, besides the fact that Christy Turlington's super model legs enabled her to beat me in the marathon by about 40 minutesmost super model thighs would probably not support my goal of becoming a faster runner.  Doing loads and loads and loads of squats, however, will likely help my running (Incidentally, Minka Kelly claims that they are the secret to her bootylicious body, telling People Magazine that her key move is, "Lots of squats. Oh, honey, hundreds. It feels like a million!")

People always complain that celebrities only have perfect bodies because they have the time and money to spend on personal trainers and dieticians, etc.    While it's true that I'll never have the time nor money to devote to obtaining the perfect Jessica Biel beach bod, I realized that tons of magazines are throwing exercise routines at me every month - tailored by the very people who train these Adonis-like celebrities.  With workouts designed by the likes of Gunnar Peterson, Jackie Warner, Harley Pasternak, Bob Harper, and Jillian Michaels (to name a few) DELIVERED TO MY DOOR, what am I waiting for?  Why have I not been following their plans religiously? And how can I complain that I don't have access to the "secrets" that give the celebrities the upper hand?  Granted, the moves often look supremely idiotic and win you some really priceless looks from strangers at the gym, but whatever.  You're not there for them.  You're there for you.

So, with this in mind, I decided to take on Fitness Magazine's Love Your Legs Workout.  (See: "Add strength training exercises [more on these later] in the 31 Goals for the 31 Days of March  post...this post would be more on those later.)   The accompanying article claims that, contrary to popular belief, more squats will NOT bulk up my legs (let's hope they're right) and has a convincing amount of scientific mumbo-jumbo to support that theory.  In other good news, Self Magazine says that lots of lunges also reduces the appearance of cellulite.  I mean, that would be good news, anyway, if I had cellulite, which I obviously don't...because lucky for me, none of my favorite foods (like cheese, cream sauce, cheese fries) are known to cause  

I had hoped to not only do the Love Your Legs Workout, but to really stick to the prescribed 3x / wk on non-consecutive days, but Mr. Flu Bug decided to go and wreck that, so perhaps I'll have to attempt to start my experiment - to see if this work out really has an impact on my leg size - tomorrow, instead.  My initial though, having begun following the plan at the beginning of March, is MY GOSH, THIS HAD BETTER SHRINK MY LEGS!!  THEY HAVE YOU DO LIKE 1 ZILLION SQUATS AT A TIME!!!  But we'll see if that actually translates into a measurable difference like they claim ("Thinner Thighs in 30 Days").  Current leg measurement: added to the books tonight.  Let's check back on that one on Tax Day!   

Tell me: Do you get too self conscious to do moves that you know would have a good benefit on your body but will attract unwanted attention at the gym?  Have you ever stuck to a workout in a magazine?  If so, did you notice any results?

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