Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend One: Off to an A-Okay Start!

Still not sure what would be considered a reasonable amount to lose to Neil by, but I used the weekend to start crossing things off my 31 Goals for the 31 Days of March list.

Friday night - took the most amazing yoga class.  Shoulder rubs in the middle of tough poses with minty-eucalyptusy icy-hot type lotion?  Yes, please!  The 55 minute class flew by and I left feeling like a new person. Cheesy?  Absolutely.  Refreshing - also yes.  Thank you, New York Sports Club. #18 on list of 31 - complete.

Saturday - okay...lets skip over Saturday, because I was lazy and didn't work out.  

Sunday - 5 mile run in Central Park with my friend (and secret weapon in the speed race against Neil - more on that later), Megs.  Megs is fast.  But lucky for me, she's not one of those snooty people who won't run with slow people [in all fairness, I get why someone fast wouldn't want to run with me, but it's very cool of her to do it anyway].  We kept in the big ole Harlem Hill and had a great chat while still maintaining a 10:14 pace - not too shabby for me, especially considering the talking and hills.  Benchmark set for the remainder of the month!

I'm glad to see that Garmin is no longer telling me that my run is a "Fast Walk."  FU, Garmin.  [kidding]
I thought about continuing on after Megs and I parted ways at mile 5, with the though of crossing number 2 off my list of 31, but when I got a quarter mile further in I ran into the couple James and I had gone to dinner with the night before and their cute little puppy and well, what are the chances of that in big old NYC?  I took it as a sign to stop my run and give/get some puppy snugs.
Doesn't Duncan look like he's begging to be put in a Ralph Lauren sweater and posed like a teddy bear?  I think so, too.
Feeling just a little guilty about only crossing one goal off the list (although I guess posting my first time in the Nike+ challenge sort of counts?), I set to doing one of the leg strength training exercises on the list.  Cross off #6.  My legs did not appreciate being pushed through CP hills and then made to do endless squats.  They'll thank me when it's bikini season.  To round out the weekend, I'll sign off with a promise to clock in 10 of my push ups before bed, thus eliminating # 22.  3 Down, 28 to go.  

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