Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rock On

Head's up Happy Feet: Register for a Rock 'n' Roll Marathon event today & save $20!

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Posting this news at 11:30PM doesn't really give you that so much time to sign up - alas, the joys of working bummer hours  - hopefully it at least helps someone out!!

In other news, my training has kept rock'n on nicely this week, despite being on the road without my ipod.  [Did I mention that the hotel treadmills* only get a spotty assortment of cable channels and so "Bad Girls Club" truly was my best entertainment option during my Monday sprint workout?  Pathetic.]

Monday night I ran 4 miles of alternating 5.7 - 5.9 ish pace and 6.9 pace, so I got in 4 decent sets of sprints.  Well, I guess since a 6.9 on the treadmill translates to an 8:42 it's more of an "effort" than a sprint, but it's my second week in a row of completing a purposeful speed workout and this go round I worked up to 4, versus the 3 "efforts" in last week's 4 miles.  I'll mark that down as a win.

Speaking of an effort to continue the purposeful workout trend, tonight I tried to do a tempo run. It might not fall into the category by the most technical of definitions, but I warmed up for a mile at a 5.8 pace and then completed 3 miles at a 6.2 pace for a total of 4 miles in about 39:35.  Should I have had a greater delta between the speeds?  I'd imagine so.  Should I have followed the 3 quicker miles with a mile of slow down?  Probably.  But, at the end of the day, i was headed to the gym at quarter to 11 almost immediately after "dinner," which consisted of a cup of vegetable soup in the hopes that it wouldn't be too much in my stomach to keep me from getting a workout in despite a late-ish work night.  So all in, I'm happy with what I did. 

Next up: a long run on Saturday.  After last week's jump from 6 to 8 miles, I'd like to do at least 9, but am also hoping I might feel good enough to push for 10.  We.shall.see....

*This is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine.  I travel for work A LOT.  Like, 4+ days / week, 52 weeks per year A LOT, and hotels almost NEVER have basic channels available on the treadmill.  Can't a girl watch some Biggest Loser to help get her sweat on?

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  1. i like your purposeful workouts, that is something I have been trying to do a lot too