Friday, December 7, 2012

Great Holiday Gifts for the Runner in Your Life

Any running-related goodies under that tree?
Sure, anyone can head to a local sports or running specialty shop or website and pick up some great spandex sweat gear for the runner in their life - and [especially given the price of all of those fabulous little spandex numbers] your runner will probably love it.  But in case you're worried about purchasing shorts that will ride up on their runs or another top that they already have, check out my running themed holiday gift selections below for some unique suggestions.

Under Garments

Rundies = Day of the Week Runners' Undies...and they couldn't be cuter.  Instead of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. these undies are sloganed with "Tempo, Long Run, Fartlek" and the like.  Adorable.  At $65 for a package of 7, though, they could be friendlier on the wallet.

If you're into the running themed underwear idea, but not so sure about shelling out $65 for a package of 7, head over to OneMoreMile for $13 / pair Boy Briefs where you can chose from the following slogan options:

For a sport that supposedly requires little more than a pair of running shoes, you'd be surprised how quickly you can find yourself with too many "things" and not enough places to put them when heading out for a long run.  Enter: The North Face Women's Stow-N-Go.  The front of this sports bra includes a pocket, which is perfect for your Gu, keys, or iPod.  At $40 it's not the cheapest sports bra around, but it's definitely innovative!

Smelly Shoe Care

Underwear a little too personal for the runner on your list?  How about getting a little more literal  for your "Stocking Stuffer" by picking up some shoe Stuffits?  These moisture wicking deoderizers are said to dry and freshen those soaked, stinky kicks post-run with options in the $10 to $40 range.  If this stinky-footed runner happens to live with you, then you, too, could reap the benefits of this gift [or at least your nose could, anyway]!

Some other stocking stuffing options for the stinky-footed runner in your life :


My dad got me some Sneaker Balls last year and I have to say, the fact that they stand up even to my feet speaks wonders of the product!

Cool Extra Gear

How about a High Tech Water Bottle, particularly if your runner spends time on the treadmill?  James has the Camelbak Eddy, which has a very cool straw feature.  You don't actually need to sip to get the water to come out - just bite down on the "straw" and the water comes straight up.  Sound not-so-impressive?  Trust me that it's your knight in shining armor when you are out of breath...

For an even more high tech version, grab one with a built-in filter.

How about a Nike+ Sport band [or ipod kit] and accompanying sensor?  Watching the miles tick up on their account is sure to help motivate them to run further and faster.  [Okay, so the faster part might not have worked out so well for me, but hey, it kept me running!]

Not Your Average Pair of Running Shorts
One of my favorite running related gifts from my parents was compression gear.  This month's Runner's World suggests that its effective for helping to ease the pain associated with a tough workout.  According to their research it's particularly helpful if worn during hill workouts, but not so much for recovery.  They bought me both the calf sleeves and a pair of tights and I like both equally.  The tights are more of a splurge, whereas the sleeves could be more stocking stuffer.

My personal favorite for purchasing gear is Road Runner Sports.  I frequently find great deals with them and recommend you check them out.

Shop at Road Runner Sports - The World's Largest Running Store & Enjoy FREE Shipping! (Code:CX12H001)

Gear From Around the Blogging World
If your runner is an avid reader of running blogs, chances are she may be a fan of Ali on the Run.  Ali's currently offering what's become somewhat of an iconic shirt in Central Park.

Check out for her "I Heart Sweat" shirts in short and long sleeve options, as well as cuts for men and women.  Added bonus?  A portion of the proceeds goes to the Chron's and Colitis Foundation of America.

Another blogger/runner, Erica Sara, is a jewelry designer, and among the other beautiful things she makes are "Race Bling."  These particular jewelry items feature race distances and/or names, as well as mantras.

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you probably already know how PUMPED I was to get a Runner's World subscription for my birthday from BOTH my sister and my awesome friend Jen.  This is a gift your avid runner will love to receive - trust me, I did!

For additional running-related reading to wrap up in a flash, check out Born to Run, sure to inspire any runner.  Not familiar?  Check out my Born to Run Lovefest here.

Happy Holidays and Happy Running!

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