Thursday, May 3, 2012

Doggin' it to the Finish Line

We could use this time to go over the fact that I only completed about 9 out of the 30 goals I set for April and how that's not going to help me happily make it to the finish line or the Brooklyn Half, much less PR.
Tears of disappointment over my failure to meet April's Hold Me To It goals....

But, it's late and that's not a fun topic, so instead, I present you with an awesome article:

Awesome Article - Especially if you like doggies :)

Incredible, cute and totally awesome.  Special thanks to Kathleen for sharing with me!

It's May already so technically I should set some new goals for the month, but I think at this point the month's goal should just be to focus on running consistently in preparation for the Brooklyn Half.  It's a little late to put in too many types of "special" workouts without wearing out my legs, so I think consistency is a good, attainable goal.


  1. Cute article! I love dogs so the face just drew me in!

  2. Yes - I feel you here. Just need to cross that finish line at this point. Don't want too be too risky in my training to accomplish my goal time.

  3. Ah, the Brooklyn Half! Now I know a couple of people doing that race. Consistency is definitely a good goal--it will make for a race that's enjoyable.

    I love Dozer! Wish I could have a dog.

    1. My race is going to be soooooo unenjoyable :( I guess you get out what you put in, right? Next time!

  4. I'm with you - some months, I just don't get to everything. Now's the time to set realistic & actionable goals for this month! :-)