Monday, May 28, 2012

Bring Back...That Loving Feeling...

Oooh oooh oh...

Memorial Day weekend and my trip to Chicago may have brought back that loving feeling.  Maybe all this time I had just, in the wise words of Austin Powers, "lost my mojo," and needed a run on a familiar, favorite route to get my running mojo back.

Let me share my beautiful photography skills...

On second thought, maybe freeze framing the video taken on my ipod while still moving isn't the best...but you, ahem...get the picture ;-) 
When blogger Meghan asked "Where is your favorite place in the world to run?" just over a month ago I didn't hesitate when I wrote that Central Park was #1 and Chicago was a close second, but Friday night's run had me rethinking my answer.  Maybe it was just the fact that it was just what I needed after my funk / doldrums expressed here, or maybe I had forgotten how much I loved running along Chicago's Lakeshore pedestrian path.  Back when James and I were dating long distance I used to get to run along there and through Lincoln Park at least once a month.

Special note for fellow Trotters:  there are some great options for pit stops on this route.  The Lincoln Park Zoo, Castaways @ North Avenue Beach and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum to name a few.

The weekend's high 90 degree temps weren't very appealing to me, so I only snuck in a Friday evening run before my other travel-mates had arrived for a glutinous weekend of fun, but I did manage to do my new Tracy Anderson Method ("TAM") dvd on both Saturday and Sunday while the rest of the gang was resting.  All in, the weekend gave me the kick start I needed to get back on the fitness/running/positive attitude band wagon.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone!  Tell me: how did you spend your weekend?  Also, to pull a page out of Meghan's book - Where is your favorite place in the world to run?


  1. Central Park is the best!! I am glad you got your mojo back. My mojo is gone and I only ran once since the half - a painful 3 miles. I am worried for Thursday!

    PS - I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award! Details are on my page. I love love love your blog and your honesty about the pains that running can bring us through. You're writing is excellent and informative! Thanks for posting.

  2. Too bad you have not run the river loop on Kelly Drive and West River Drive in Philly (8.4 miles) or even better the Forbidden Drive in Fairmount Park (10.2 miles). The latter can not be beat for a city park as it is in the woods along an old horse and coach trail into Philly and there is an old Quaker Inn about half way along the trail. As a woman you need a companion to run the latter. But it is far superior to Central Park and Chicago, both of which I have run several times.

  3. I *loved* running in Ireland (not that I get to do it very often), and I love trail runs in the mountains around here (don't get to do that enough either!).

  4. Glad you found your mojo!

    While everyone in boulder was running the bolder boulder 10k. I snuck out to mtn bike one of my favorite trails...all the while scheming about how to run it...

  5. I've never been to Chicago but would LOVE to go! Its on my bucket list. Glad it helped you get your mojo back :)

    My favorite place to run is anywhere near the ocean or where there are trees. I love Central Park but would love running there even more if I lived closer!