Saturday, January 5, 2013

Is Naples Bad Luck? Hopefully not for my Half's Sake!

Did I mention that I used to be an ice skater and prefer to work out in the cold?

If I wore no sleeves on the ice, just think how hot I must be in a tank top and 70* weather!
And that if you don't get up VERY EARLY in Naples it gets hot?

Oh yes, I believe I did - less than a week ago.

So did I get up SUPER early for what should have been my last 10 mile run before the Naples Half this morning?  Oh no, of course not.  Instead, I hit snooze when my alarm went off at 7AM and got up at 8.  By the time I had eaten a bit, done my business and hit the road it was nearly 9.  And quickly on its way to 70*. Yuck.

At least I wouldn't have to use the bathroom on the road since I had gone beforehand, right?  Wrong again.  Fortunately, my tummy acted up right around when I got to the exclusive, private club "The Port Royal Yacht  club" or something like that.

Tip for Trotting Tummy Troublers:  When in dire need of a bathroom somewhere that they don't want to let you in, act like you belong.  

Fortunately I was able to waltz through the exclusive, fancy front doors, hold them for a fancy lady and compliment her sweater and then ever so innocently ask where the bathroom was.  Bam.  Problem solved.

Unfortunately, I felt tired and hot and weak and totally like my legs were made of lead.  I completed about 6.75 miles - not even close to what I had wanted and quite disheartening to given then I've now had two GREAT 10 mile runs, each with a crummy run in Naples after it.  Not too heartening given that Naples is where I'm running the race!

Maybe 3rd time's the charm and I'll crush it on race day?  Now, what to do about the fact that I didn't get in a third 10 miler....try for it next week?  Try for it tomorrow morning?  Chalk it up as an early taper, do 8 next week and hope for the best on race day?  What would you do?


  1. ugh I hate bathroom things like that, I have gone in way too many places I shouldn't have throughout my running career. no idea you were a skater... so cool!

  2. I've gone into some weird places too because of tummy troubles. But when nature calls you can't ignore it. Especially during a run. Feel better!